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Wind Poem – Love’s Mending Ways

Love’s Mending Ways is a wind poem, a celebration of love and all the wonderful ways it binds, fixes, and liberates.

Love’s Mending Ways – Wind Poem

Inside the earth’s heart and within its fire
the wind is moulding stars and goose quills
like the one, he’s dipping into the brimming vial.
Resting on his palm within the soft curling of his fingers,
the quill spills the ink and a river rises
beyond fields and oceans. And the wind is blowing
the ink as if shaping blue flowers and butterflies
beneath and across your warming skin,
bunching crumbs and binding what is fraying.
Like the girl next door or
me, when sand grits my iris or

the soil whenever potato blight sets in.
Last night, I saw the wind’s curling mouth around a fat straw.
And from the moon, it set free a flood of calligraphy
and a flock of geese, now laying feather down
into the overgrown hollow. Come early summer,
the gander’s quills will glide,
drawing sunflowers and love letters
between a sky-full of wind and a blue ink ocean.

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