Trashcan Humans

Trashcan Humans

The don’t haves have a hard time in this world. This is poem calling on all trashcan humans to revolt. I confess I am a trashcan human.

You, lying in the gutter - revolt!
You, struggling to pay bills - revolt!
You, lacking food and water - revolt!
You, beaten half to death - revolt!
You, incarcerated for no reason - revolt!
You, maimed, stabbed and shot - revolt!
You, abused and raped - revolt!
You, silenced and gagged - revolt!
You, working like slaves to stuff the pockets of the rich - revolt!
You, jobless, hopeless, homeless - revolt!
You, sectioned, mocked, derided - revolt!
You shunned and persecuted - revolt!
Trashcan humans unite, stand up and revolt!

Plaster your pain across the front pages!
Broadcast your cries on all channels!
Make your suffering go viral!

Don't be intimidated by slick suits and sly words!
Don't be silenced by the echoes of bullsh*t!

Until they listen!
Until they see!


Trashcan humans, together, we're strong and unstoppable!

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