Time Poem – This Second is an Orphan

Time Poem - This Second Is an Orphan

This Second is an Orphan is a time poem, a reflection on how moments are a patchwork of place, people, and grace.

This Second Is an Orphan – Time Poem

Let's laud the loud and quit the quiet
Let's whisper zilch and oar the roar
this second' is the crook

where red bulbs
char the shell.
a ball of fluff is fluttering.

When fledgeling us
we lumbered and fled
through the woods.
We were treading on moss,
like hens threading
a blanket of corn and chaff, the way

quills shed yellow down
when little chicks
try catching a breath.

we flap.

You travel my skin, and I,
I trace your hands
as snowdrops cloud
the wintery fields,
our lips whistling

across the coop where
fat hens hem and then,
lend their wings
to the wind.

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