Throw of the Dice – Social Justice Poem

Throw of the Dice – Social Justice Poem

The cards you’re dealt at birth impact on the life you’ll later enjoy. In this social justice poem, you’ll find that life deals an uneven hand. 

Baby Billy’s parents are well-to-do if slightly stressed and depressed.
Baby Mary’s parents don’t know each other well enough to have a conversation.
Baby Susan’s parents are well adjusted, tax-paying citizens.
Baby Mo’s parents own a few blankets and boxes.
Baby Tom’s parent’s house was burnt down by guerrilla warriors, his sister too.
Baby Amed drinks disease-ridden water for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Baby Beverly will marry within a decade.
Baby Afiya has but a couple of years.
Baby Mike is learning Chinese as his first foreign language.
Baby Jeremy is streamed to become a top surgeon.
Baby Susan is deaf, dumb, and blind.
Baby Michael’s heart is malfunctioning.
Baby Joram survived the shelling.
Baby Rasha was pulled from the sea off the coast of Greece.
Baby Catherine is holding her silver spoon.

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