The Art of Giving and Taking – Fair Exchange World

The Art of Giving and Taking – Fair Exchange World


Just giving without receiving is just as bad as receiving without giving. In all human relations, a fair and balanced exchange of all things provides balance and harmony. There’s an art in giving and taking.

This applies to the material as much as the emotional, as a natural balance of giving and taking is a prerequisite for good relationships.

Take nature for instance, unless nurtured, cannot provide nourishment and in society, givers have to be takers as much as takers must be givers.

Much the same applies in matters of the heart and love can only flourish if recipricated, between a child and a parent, on friend and another, and between strangers.

Those lacking can only contribute if their underlying unfulfilled need is addressed first. This is particularly true for those subject to poverty of a material or emotional nature.

Givers need to learn how to take and takers must learn the art of giving in the interest of a fairer world.

Be it in the exchange of goods, feelings, deeds or any other type of contribution that can be made, a natural flow, to and fro, must prevail.


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