Poem About Society – Humming along with the air-con

poem about society

Humming along with the air-con is a poem about society and a reflection on how we define people by their problems instead of their beauty. Humming along with the air-con – a poem about society Do you sometimes wake up in the middle of the day and think that you’re nothing but a cause a…

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Motherhood Poem – Some Mother

Motherhood Poem

Some Mother is a motherhood poem, a reflection on the needless death of millions of infants around the world, 2.5 million in 2017. Some Mother – Motherhood Poem If her womb was to be the only safe place for her child, she’d refuse to birth not have her newborn join the two and a half…

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Election Poems – The Crow and the Magpie

Election Poems - The Crow and the Magpie

The Crow and the Magpie is one of my election poems, a reflection on campaigning, hateful populism, and election promises. The Crow and the Magpie – Election Poems I Stoked by juicy baits like “I know your mud and will put my beak on The line for you – we’ll wipe out the ants”- spiced…

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Poem About Poverty – The Crack

poem about poverty - The Crack

The Crack is a poem about poverty, the growing social divide and the widening wealth gap. It is also a reflection on the dehumanisation of “the poor”. The Crack – A Poem About Poverty There’s a crack in the surface of the earth where people fall into darkness and no one ever sees them creeping…

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Nabka Day 2019 / #nabka71

Nabka Day

Today is Nabka day, the 71st anniversary of what the Palestinians call “catastrophe day.” You can see more by checking out Twitter #nabka71 Here’s just a glimpse into the plight of the Palestinian people. #BDS – Join the Boycott on Nabka Day 2019 The global #BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) has been gathering momentum. More and…

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Crime Violence Poem – Inner City News Week

crime violence poem

Inner City News Week is a crime violence poem, a reflection on how social deprivation is a direct contributory factor to violence and crime. Inner City News Week – Crime Violence Poem WednesdayThe police arrested the 15-year old youth hours after he had raided and ransacked Logan’s grocery store in the city centre. During the…

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Workers Rights Poem – Mayday

workers rights poem - Mayday

Mayday is a workers rights poem, a reflection on how millions of worker still endure dismal working conditions and work for minimal pay. Mayday – Workers Rights Poem Every day, it’s mayday in the sweatshop. I think I’ll wear my brands to the May Day march.

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PTSD Poem – Mary

PTSD poem - Mary

This is a PTSD poem and a tribute to Mary, a wonderful old lady I was privileged to meet many years ago. Mary was elegant, stunning, delicate, and fierce. Mary – PTSD Poem They say a bomb hit the hospital where nurse Mary was working during the Second World War. Her frail body is still…

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Spring Equinox Poems – Balance

Spring Equinox Poems - Balance

Balance is one of many spring equinox poems, a reflection on the scarcity of true balance in the world, people, and societies. Balance – Spring Equinox Poems She knows the scales and weights and volumes of lead and feathers of blood and water of bread and gravel. Her sister taught her how to blunt shadows…

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