Life in a Refugee Camp – You have No Idea

Occasionally, we ought to take a few minutes and try to imagine what the plight of refugees is like. It is easy to be anti-immigration if you choose not to empathise. But after all, we are all members of the human race. Take a look at this Aljazeera clip and put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a while. This is what life in a refugee camp is like.

Every once in a while, we need to empathize with those who don’t enjoy the everyday freedoms we take for granted. Life in a refugee camp is anything but comfortable, so we shouldn’t be surprised when brave individuals come to our shores seeking a better life. 

The Dissatisfaction Blame Game

“Have you noticed that they all wear expensive leather jackets?”
“I have. It’s a disgrace, I know.”
“They scrounge off us and prance around as if they owned the place.”
“Why did they even come here?”

“Economic migrants is what they call them. I’d use the word freeloader.”
“I wish they’d just go back to where they came from!”
“And all the benefits they get. They really know how to milk the system. Free housing and benefits-galore.”
“.Meanwhile, our own people go homeless.”
“It’s a disgrace, I know.”
“Our economy can’t handle an influx of foreigners, let’s face it.”
“Taking our jobs, that’s what many of them do.”

“Yeah, some are just plain spongers, and others take jobs our people should get.”
“It’s a disgrace, I know.”

“Don’t get me started on the do-gooders who want to welcome thousands of them and are naive enough to believe their refugee crap.”
“The same people wouldn’t lift a finger for our own needy.”
“I know, it’s a disgrace.”

“People should just go home and sort our their own countries like we have. It’s not our problem if their economies are in disarray or there’s war in their country.”

“My neighbour applied for a job and didn’t get it. Later, she found out that they had given it to some foreigner.”
“That happened to me too. I was raging!”

“We should just close our borders altogether and deport those who’re already here. They shouldn’t be entitled to anything or receive any help or benefits for that matter.”

“You’re right, they are not our problem.”

“Animals, that’s what they are!”