Earth Poem – She’s Given to Circles

Earth Poem - She's Given to Circles

She’s Given to Circles is an earth poem, a celebration of her abundant love and care, an appreciation of what we take for granted. She’s Given to Circles – Earth Poem First, she fed my child a nut, and after that she grew sprouts under her skin, of grain and roses and earthworms. Circling, she…

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Littering Poems – The Flesh and Bone People

littering poems

As littering poems go, The Flesh and Bone People is a reflection on fragmentation and the need for integration as individuals and communities. The Flesh and Bone People – Littering Poems On a sill at dawn, when a flock of flesh and bone people are bowing out still, a bird’s sharp beak beckons and pecks…

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Christmas Tree Poem – Hark the Angels

Christmas Tree Poem

Hark the Angels is a Christmas tree poem, a celebration of Christ’s birth and the season of love and light and its ripples. Hark the Angels – Christmas Tree Poem Itsloopingroots, the twigstrembling, the fattrunk, and how its needlescast the flickering candlelightjust right, has us lean back and harkthebark

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Mother and Daughter Poem – The Guardian

Mother and Daugther Poem - The Guardian

The Guardian is a mother and daughter poem, a reflection on giving and receiving care and support. The Guardian – Mother and Daughter Poem With a black biro, she’s drawinga wave on the white page mapping Mom’s waverings.She spots peaks and valleys and floods cutting through.Like yesterday before she buried a tablet in her clenched…

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Wind Poem – Love’s Mending Ways

wind poem

Love’s Mending Ways is a wind poem, a celebration of love and all the wonderful ways it binds, fixes, and liberates. Love’s Mending Ways – Wind Poem Inside the earth’s heart and within its fire the wind is moulding stars and goose quills like the one, he’s dipping into the brimming vial. Resting on his…

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