Art for Social Change – Palestinian Art

Art for Social Change - Palestinian Art

A Palestinian artist has been creating art for social change. Using wax, she sculpted wax ice cream figures of the children killed during the 2014 aggression. Latest UN Report on Israel and Palestine Last week, the UN published the results of its inquiry into Israel’s rule of engagement during the Great March of Return. According…

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Torture at Lybian Detention Centres

torture at Lybian detention centres

The following Channel 4 News footage shows torture at Lybian detention centres run with the financial support of the European Union. EU Response to Migrant Crisis The EU has struggled to formulate a comprehensive and fair response to the migrant crisis. Migrant, refugee and asylum seeker distribution varies significantly from state to state. Countries like…

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Palestinian Children – #Gaza #trauma #BDS

Palestinian Children

Let’s not forget the Palestinian children, #BDS. Palestinian Children If you’re a Palestinian child, life is bleakyou’re definitely going to be traumatisedyour environment is hostileyou’re scaredyou may get arrestedyou have to drink dirty wateryou may get shotyou may get killedWhy?because you are one of thousands of Palestinian childrenand live in #Gaza

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Why Is Socialism Bad?

why is socialism bad

As the World Economic Forum in Davos draws to a close, and illustrious political and business power brokers leave the snowy town, one wonders where this leaves the rest of us. Although some NGOs also made representations, only a handful of small anti-globalisation protests took place. Have people suddenly got the answer to the question…

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Women Yellow Vests – #femmes #giletsjaunes

women yellow vests

In the wake of sometimes violent protests and clashes with police during the yellow vest demonstrations in Paris and beyond, French women have created a separate movement. The women yellow vests or #femmes #giletsjaunes are pursuing the same issues but distancing themselves from the use of violence that has cast shadows over the #giletsjaunes movement.…

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Manufacturing Consent Summary

Manufacturing Consent – The Political Economy of The Mass Media by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky was first published in 1988 and remains one of the most significant books on the collaboration between politics and the media. Although today’s media landscape boasts a whole host of additional platforms, the principles remain the same. This…

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Who profits from war?

In the wake of recent ally-airstrikes against Syria and the prospect of a new cold war, we look at the role the arms industries play in a variety of economies across the globe. Everyone knows, war is big business. So, who profits from war? Where are the most successful arms manufacturers based? Whom do they…

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Bernie Sanders TV – Why the Youtube channel?

Frustrated at the lack of media coverage real social issues receive from the mainstream media, Senator Bernie Sanders now broadcasts on Bernie Sanders TV. With just over 100’000 subscribers the senator is a long way from reaching the lofty subscription numbers of the most famous YouTubers. However, his criticism of the media is somewhat justified. To…

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What Is Section 230?

Tech companies are well aware of section 230, after all, it is the one piece of legislation underpinning the entire internet. As Facebook has come under scrutiny for its failure to protect user data, some politicians have been calling for widespread internet regulation. So what is section 230? In essence, it’s a section of US…

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