Social Justice and Art Merge

Social Justice and Art Merge

Many writers, visual artists, poets, and musicians have channelled their creative endeavours into a fight for social justice and art. But how do social justice and art merge? Artists create to express a desire for equality, create a focal point, and a means of protest. 

Art and Social Justice Photo Installation

In this context, it seems entirely fitting, that UNESCO has included reggae music on its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, highlighting its value as “vehicle for social commentary, a cathartic practice” and “a voice for all.”

Get Up – Stand Up

If you’re looking for one of the best examples of how social justice and art go hand in hand look no further than Bob Marley’s Get Up, Stand Up. To this day, his music continues to inspire and highlight the power of music in the fight for social justice. 

Although today, reggae music rarely makes it onto the airways, in some parts of the world it continues to play a major role in the fight for equality and justice. On Aljazeera’s Twitter account, I came across the following gem:

Social Justice and Art – Graffiti in Paris

In the aftermath of the yellow vest protests in Paris, the clean up included wiping a significant amount of graffiti from the Arc de Triomphe and other monuments as well as walls and buildings. The Guardian published a telling series of pictures, “Words on the Street.

You won’t see artistic escapades, but the graffiti will tell you in a few, poignant words, why so many people took to the streets to protest. While the authorities will be able to quickly remove any trace of the graffiti, it will take a far greater effort to respond to the protests in a meaningful way. 

Using Art to Envoke Change in a Constructive Fashion – Share Your Social Justice Art Here!

Perhaps art is among the most constructive ways to bring about social change and equality, to highlight issues and to stir debate. If you’ve created a piece of art, written a story, poem or script in the fight for justice, please share it here! Post links to your website in the comment box below, and tell us more!

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