Social Issues Poem – How Dare You!

Social Issues Poem – How Dare You!

How Dare You! is a social issues poem, a reflection on today’s dim view of socialism and condemnation of those who campaign for social justice.

How Dare You! Social Issues Poem

How dare you suggest
big corporations
pay their fair share of taxes
and a living wage?

How dare you demand
the government
refrain from dropping bombs on foreign lands
and run to the aid of those in need?

How dare you ask
to shelter foreigners
and give them a new home?

How dare you fight
to educate children
free of charge?

How dare you suggest
providing medical care to the poor
and funding to non-profit organisations
and departments?

How dare you seek
housing for every bum
on the street?

How dare you!
You're nothing but a dirty old socialist!
A DANGER to society!

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