Scrolling – An Experimental Ghazal

Scrolling – An Experimental Ghazal

Ever wasted any time scrolling through social media pages and ended up wondering what could and should have been – meanwhile? This is my poem, my experimental ghazal about it.

Experimental Ghazal

Scrolling, I see blaring bling for one fleeting echo, pervasive poverty thereupon.
Gold, coupled with exposed ribs, smooth skin and bodies cast aside, posted on

media, not so social, for social media would virilise and whip up to shout stop
to lies, divisions, and words untrue. halt glossed clips and tragic tales, to ban it all

to guard and save and cherish and call upon beauty and resilience, actual, factual
not of the kind that destroys and be dams, belittles and attempts to iron out and ban

him and her and you and me and them and us, coercing copies and clones so dead
that each flower hangs its head in shame, no longer seeking the sun, moon, the stars

Where is the love, I wonder and ponder scrolling a little longer, swallowing time
gulping up what could and should have been while I was busy scrolling on and on

Trawling the net

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