Rondeau Poem – On Spiral Stairs

Rondeau Poem – On Spiral Stairs

On Spiral Stairs is a rondeau poem, a reflection on the learning curve we navigate every single day.

On Spiral Stairs – Rondeau Poem

On spiral stairs with steps so firm
You pant, you falter, turn on turn
Between the ledges, edge on high
To see what’s next beyond the sky
But find the same, no wood to burn.

You climb, you rise, and still, don’t learn,
Despite your sweat, you can’t discern
What step will be the one without the sigh
On spiral stairs.

Crawl up, fall down, it matters not, you earn
Just what your bones want you to learn
The light it shines and keeps an eye
Upon your inch, your skin, your ev’ry cry,
Until one day, you hit the step you yearn
On spiral stairs.

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