Resistance Poetry – Daisies and Dandelions

Resistance Poetry – Daisies and Dandelions

Daisies and Dandelions is my contribution to resistance poetry, a reflection on inequality, solidarity, resilience, and hope.

Daisies and Dandelions

Says the daisy to the dandelion:
"Why do we never get potted?
I'd love my petals warmed
by glass-magnified sunrays,
laze on solid-wood sills,
have dainty hands
water me
with a copper can,
be wary of the cat
but only a little
never drown in
the pelting rain
never tremble in
cruel breezes
have my roots spoon-fed
by soft soil,
my leaves groomed
by tepid glances,
occasionally chat to
a fluffy fly or
a wayward wasp
and for the night to
turn day
at the flick of
a switch."

Says the dandelion to the daisy:
"You see, us dandelions, daisies,
violets, and weeds
didn't make the cut.
But fear not,
fierce and
sail winds,
coast storms,
tame tornados,
punch hail
swallow floods
lick ice and
dance in the dew."

The sun smiled and
the wind puffed
the dandelion and
the daisy
a little

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