Resilience Poetry – The Juggler

Resilience Poetry – The Juggler

The Juggler is a piece of resilience poetry, a reflection on prevailing and persevering through conflict, suffering, and exhaustion.

The Juggler – Resilience Poetry

Two buckets in hand, 
one with blood
the other full of milky tears
the juggler went to the town square
fetch a pail of laughter
of of passersby
crawling through
any fissure in
any wall
they could
make out
from among
dust and ashes,
his cupped hands
dipping and somehow
red-hot balls
and snowy shuttles.

Like a tree
he stood
rooted mid-square
his bones made of
ebony and oak
only the digits of his fingers
now sheltering
now ejecting
drops of blood
drips of salt
from air
to flesh
at a speed
that would
have you
out of
the ashes and the dust

settling them down
on the ground
and as
balls flit
from right to left
and back again
they'd paint
a trail of faint
his hands
a line
and pulling
bubbling giggles
out of the guts
of the gutted
now swaggering.

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