Relationship Poem

Relationship Poem – Ode to My Green Mohair Gloves

The Gloves is a relationship poem, a reflection on the impact of meeting someone, anyone, and a celebration of the joy of togetherness. The inspiration for this came from Pablo Neruda’s Ode to My Socks.

The Gloves – Relationship Poem

My love lent me
The hours it took
To knit a pair of
Green mohair gloves
Green as the leaves
In spring, spilling
The bark’s light, now
Dripping onto
My grey-blue fingers and
stained glass skin,
Unbending digits surprised
By flowery fluff and
Cherry blossoms
Whisking me away
From the canvas.
Seven balls of yarn
It took and many
A mouthful of green grass,
I look at my
cradled fingers,
The skin’s no longer
The paint is fading
And the tips
Lengthen into
Shaping in colour
Fat-trunked trees
And bees bathing
In the sun.
All surfaces are
Soft now, the
Clock’s ticking is
Licking the nape of
My neck and
All because of the
Hollow gloves
My love knit
For my
porcelain fingers
A whole month

When leaves
Needed raking
For the grass to
Grow once more
In spring.
Like piecing a pie
My love sliced
Me many a stitch
Twining the yarn
Fibre by fibre
Until the last inch
Lay flat on the tip
Of my thumb
From where now
A snowflake
Onto the page
And smudges
The hours I spent
And the brushstrokes
It took
To draw
My winter garden,
Grey clouds now with
a tinge of scarf crimson,
the snowy lawn bark brown
And the snowflake
has a blade of grass
Running through.

I measured
Your fingers
On mine

My love told me

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