Refugee Facts – The Worst Places to Live

Refugee Facts – The Worst Places to Live

A considerable amount of human suffering remains underreported. Neither the body politics nor the mainstream media deem some crises worth highlighting. The Norwegian Refugee Council has put together a short video or refugee facts to stand up for the voiceless.

Although the suffering is unspeakable, people like you and me find themselves in some of the worst places to live with few to care about them.

Refugee Facts – The Norwegian Refugee Council Sponsors a Post to Speak Up for the Voiceless
Underreported Suffering

Clearly, it is our responsibility as human beings to reach out to people in dire need including refugees, migrants or anyone else unable to live a life underpinned by safety and dignity.

Charitable organisations are always looking for volunteers on a local or international level. Check with local charities where you are to find out how to contribute or volunteer.

Lobby Politicians and Media Outlets, Share Issues on Social Media

You can make a difference in many different ways. Lobby your local politicians to take action on behalf of people in need. Contact media outlets and submit a story or share videos like this one across your social media platforms.

Without the words and actions of others, the voiceless have little hope of ever finding comfort, dignity, and safety.

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