Reality Poem - Virtual Reality

Reality Poem – Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a reality poem, a reflection on what is possible, perspectives, dreams, and on our ability to be human beings.

Virtual Reality – Reality Poem

With goggles, I can build a paper palace, be the queen and cast gold medals from whey like Lola sculpting a marble David from dust or Pete circling his mouth and blowing a tornado across the desert exposing nothing. My grandmother heated curdling milk in a copper pot on the old stove foraging dessert by blending it with pods and sticks dried on the south-facing window pane. And at night, I fly, I be, like my baby sleeps or the cat pounces after another shrew or she sinks a drink in a wink. With goggles, I fall like a drop of rain landing on a blade of grass or the frost making crystals and tiny pebbles together airlifting aeons. My cousin Jack mortars his marriage in a pestle, grinding and crushing boulders floating on the ocean’s skin. And sometimes, I lick salt off potato chips until my tongue clears like the sky after a thunderstorm or a brain rising from clouds of doubts. In rose, I can walk one-legged, be sound and crack an apple without teeth, like you, finger-knitting a scarf or us bathing in the arctic and gliding down ice mimicking penguins. Migrating birds brush by. And without goggles, we be if we will.

Virtual Reality – Reality Poem

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