Poverty Poem – Landfill Lives

Poverty Poem – Landfill Lives

Approximately 15 million people across the globe live off trash. Landfill Lives is a poverty poem, an attempt to highlight this horror.

Landfill Lives

 scavenging for scraps 
no spellings or subtractions again today

when you're poor but don't want to sell your body or beg
landfill treasure hunting calls

to feed mother, father, sisters, brothers
shacked up in a metal hut perched on a pile of trash

you've got no rubber gloves to shield against
broken glass, syringes, rotting flesh, and faeces

no face mask to armour against
the stench of garbage and shit

no blindfold so you can pretend
to be at school / even for a minute

dowsed in deadly diseases, you work all day
2.50 the compensation

that'll buy you some bread, carrots, and rice
won't stretch to a sausage or chop

one kid / thrilled to have spotted an outfit
scrubbed up and went to school

only to be told he was too smelly, too disease-ridden
no landfill kids here please
Landfill Lives – a Poverty Poem

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