poem about support - The Cat and Me

Poem About Support – The Cat and Me

The Cat and Me is a poem about support centring on thoughts on how facing tough times together is easier than doing it alone.

The Cat and Me – Poem About Support

 Down low, I could see an injured cat
Half dead and barely able to breathe
In dark lanes, where no one ever stops to chat
fitting only for mad fools and brats
like me, hell-bent on scaring the leaves.
I went over to see was there any use
in trying perhaps to pick her up,
because I was sorry to see the bad abuse 
endured by the cat now hurt in a noose 
dumped like me, still reeling from a breakup.
And both of us cowering the same way,
cast aside and left to rot, no one cared
enough to take us home, not wait another day.
I picked her up in my arms to take her away,
out of the dark lane no one ever shared.
Curled up at home, we sipped hot whiskey,
played poker in the rays beaming in through
the cracks in the wall, the green leaves free
to soften the glare and hasten the spree—
out of the dark streets and into fresh dew.

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