Poem About Nature The Polar Bears

Poem About Nature – The Polar Bears

The Polar Bears is a poem about nature, a reflection on the recent news story covering polar bears entering a town in Russia.

The Polar Bears

 The people of Belushya Guba on the Novaya Zemlya 
archipelago didn't know what to make of the
polar bears fleeing the disappearing ice.

They came knocking, strolled through the wintery town
as if they owned it / a whole pack of
polar bears bolting from the vanishing ice.

The town's people, awestruck at first, soon scattered,
pulling children behind to flee from the
polar bears escaping the melting ice.

First, the town's trash heaps had lavished grubby grub,
fattening and stuffing the
polar bears breaking away from the departing ice.

Then, schoolyards, playgrounds, snowy gardens,
and doorbells charmed the
polar bears abandoning the passing ice. 

But their cheek and high spirits melted
and cleared the cuteness of the
polar bears hightailing the dwindling ice.

The town's mayor declared a state of emergency,
never ever had anyone seen so many
polar bears decamping the bunking ice.

How they managed to lift it within a couple of weeks,
no one knows, but now, there's no sign of
polar bears fleeing the disappearing ice.

Next year, will Siberian tigers, huskies, musk deers,
and brown bears join
the polar bears splitting from the lapsing ice?

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