People Stories – Wordnews27

This is the people stories section of wordnews27. Instead of referring to the poor, the sick, the homeless, the refugees, the victims of war, the rich, the famous, the workers, the unemployed, the politicians……….we try to put a face on everyone.

All these groups and all groups left unmentioned carry connotations, positive as well as negative, all facilitating us to get our heads around the global community we are part of. Our brains do not have the capacity, nor do our hearts, to fully comprehend the human community as a whole, nor to remember that all these groups are made up of individuals like ourselves. 

To an extent, this is absolutely necessary as to truly see each individual, especially those who suffer, would be too much to bear. We shut down, at least to some degree.

The obvious questions arising are “have we forgotten how to be human?” and ”have we forgotten the human frailty of the individuals making up those groups?”

In this section of our website, we aim to put faces and stories on the countless faceless people suffering injustice.