Old Bangers and Mercs – Poem About Life

Old Bangers and Mercs – Poem About Life

Your bank account balance doesn’t reflect your worth, nor does the car you drive. Sadly, cheap stuff often earns you disdain. This is a poem about life in poverty.

As you got out of your Merc and spotted my old banger,

you couldn’t hide your disdain.

Yes, I say, the value of my car precisely reflects my value as a person.

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2 Replies on “Old Bangers and Mercs – Poem About Life

  1. This is quite interesting way of presenting a poem. I suppose I don’t quite understand the whole thing.

    To me, it seems like you are rightfully criticizing those that believe the value of a person can be seen from what they own. I say that it depends on how they achieved that wealth and what they are now doing with it.

    One of my favorite sayings is the one that advises that in order to get what you want, you have to help others get what they want.

    By the way, I would totally rock one of those old bangers, especially if I could restore it to its original glory.

    1. Hi Ernest, thanks for your comment. With the poem, I was just trying to point out that in today’s societies we put too much emphasis and material wealth and sometimes look down on people who are poor. Love your saying, by the way!

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