Motherhood Poem – Some Mother

Motherhood Poem – Some Mother

Some Mother is a motherhood poem, a reflection on the needless death of millions of infants around the world, 2.5 million in 2017.

Some Mother – Motherhood Poem

If her womb was to be 
the only safe place for her child,
she'd refuse to birth
not have her newborn
join the two and a half million
dead infants
from causes
with a bucket full
of Cornershop
medical supplies.
She'd slow the time,
have her womb
grow the size of a house
if her womb was to be
the only safe place for her child.
So, she crafts a palatial nest inside
with a red carpet and velvet settee,
a nursery like a chest full of soft toys
a school and a college and
a path as soft and smooth as baby skin
and a suitcase full of treats and surprises
for this child, for every child whose
only safe place is her womb.
And when the time comes
she halts labour
steps in
and embraces them all
in the palace inside.

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