malnutrition in Yemen

Malnutrition in Yemen – Update

Malnutrition in Yemen is threatening the lives of millions of war-displaced people. According to Aljazeera, 14 million Yemeni are at risk of starvation, with no end to the crisis in sight.

Malnutrition in Yemen – Aljazeera Reports

Malnutrition in Yemen

UN Response to Humanitarian Disaster In Yemen

The UN has published its review of the 2018 Humanitarian Response Plan. According to the report, over 22 million people were in need of humanitarian aid in January 2018, over half of them in dire need.

To date, the UN response staff are reaching just short of 8 million people each month, delivering food and medical supplies. The collapse of everyday life along with health, business, and educational structures have made the delivery of aid more difficult.

Hodeidah Withdrawal Plan Agreed

Hodeidah is a strategic port for the delivery of aid. According to a UN spokesperson, agreement on “Phase 1 of the mutual redeployment of forces,” was reached on Sunday without the disclosure of details.

However, observers believe that the Houthi rebels have not yet signed the official documents and may withdraw from this agreement. The rebel-controlled city is vital when it comes to the distribution of aid to millions of suffering civilians.

12-Year Old Girl Weighs 10kg – Donate Now

The girl seen on the Aljazeera video is 12 years old and weighs 10kg. If you would like to make a donation, please check out this list of aid agencies, working on the ground in Yemen. If your agency is missing from the list, please get in touch, and I will publish your details.

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