Inequality Poem – Castoffs

Inequality Poem – Castoffs

Castoffs is an inequality poem, a reflection on inadequate wages and the financial imbalances that exist everywhere.

Castoffs – Inequality Poem

Christmas 2015, 
his Mom is wearing a brand-new posh frock,
her gleaming smile masks the stench of castoffs,
the stink that appals the follicles in your nose
when you step into a charity shop
stuffed with castoffs
established for castoffs
who / he's learned /
ought to be ever so thankful
that there even is such as thing
as a charity shop
where finding a posh frock
is as good as winning the lottery.

Mom treasured them as much as
he detested them
like a child in anticipation of a very special treat
she'd always pounce on
that find
above anything
you'd purchase in a designer store.
To give her her dues
she always did come home
with labels,
hence always looking like a million dollars.

Christmas 2015,
flicking through last week's paper
he spots a pic of Mom's boss's wife
parading Mom's frock
at a charity do
to be cast off days later and
donated to castoffs
working their
fingers to the bone
at her husband's factory
for peanuts.

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