I wish I could….My Christmas Wish

I wish I could….My Christmas Wish

As Christmas is approaching and we gear up to lavish each other with gifts and enjoy an abundance of food, my thoughts go to those less fortunate among us. This is my Christmas wish.

And I wish I could

Give shelter to all the homeless

Comfort the sad

Be with the lonely

Share my dinner with the starving

Calm those in mental distress

Hug those no one else does

Heal the sick

Give a drink of water to the kids who, at best, get dirty water

Protect the vulnerable from violence of any kind

I wish I could

get the haves to give to the don’t haves

get the powerful to listen to the unheard

get soldiers to lay down their arms

get the climate to be temperate around the world

I wish I could

stop turning away when I know someone is suffering

make time for someone in need

be kind when I don’t feel like it

keep my temper when I’m cross

I wish I could

get God to make everything alright in mere seconds

So, what am I to do?

I guess I’m just gonna have to keep trying to do what I can

and hope and pray that love will prevail

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2 Replies on “I wish I could….My Christmas Wish

  1. Thank You,
    I truly enjoyed your Christmas wish article, I am very much like you as well in wishing to help the ones less fortunate than myself.

    I feel if we keep the less fortunate in our prayers this will help them stay motivated and not give up, God will hear our prayers and lead them to where they need to be for a better life Christmas is about giving and you have a heart full of Christmas.

    1. Thanks Jeffrey, we’ll just have to pray for love and try and do our best, I guess. Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas

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