Human Family Poem – Far, Far Away

Human Family Poem – Far, Far Away

Far, Far Away is a human family poem, a reflection on the impact of COVID-19 on everyone across the world, an expression of gratitude for relationships and togetherness.

Far, Far Away – a Human Family Poem

We were not prepared: our home is a mansion one end
a shack on the far side, God help the poor idiots stuck there. Before 
Christmas, thieving through the cracks with no one but one gagged guy 
wiring, a swarm began scotching in between the roof tiles and
the guttering ivy scaling skin and bricks like a beaver, indiscriminate,

rulers and buffs fear on the news, this is foliage on marble and sand 
and on the glitter you find below a girl's hairline or between
my fingernails and the dough I prune when you're looking for
a passage through a night days into the dig. Overnight, she dressed
the walls in thick weeds choking rocks and making us shut

every door and every window, stuff cracks with make-shift mortar.
You’re right, this is serious and no, you don’t want ivy mushrooming 
you into a tiny space far, far away from the sway of the day not if your 
mother is rubbing shillings together or your father is skimming work or 
if you dwell where the paint is flaking or where the floors are bulging

and you can't remember the scent of fresh air. Leaning against the 
greening bay window you sleep, glass and leaves between our palms 
this is hard your skin is curling, at night your wrap your arms around 
your legs and knit a rug with each and every string you've ever spun 
and spend days laying where the shore kisses the lake.

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