healing poem - The Solfeggios - Guido's Children

Healing Poem – The Solfeggios – Guido’s Children

The Solfeggios – Guido’s Children is a healing poem, a celebration of the powerful Solfeggio sound frequencies that can reach beyond pain and comprehension.

The Solfeggios – Guido’s Children

One thousand years ago, Guido fell into Paul’s hymn honouring John roaring in the desert. His breath stretched expanding lungs, arms rounding down deep to raise up six children for cover. Weaving wind and water, birds and thunder, fairies and heartbeats, Guido knotted a blanket to fan mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers from hot and cold, to mend bones, to dry blood, glue cuts, and to bind enemies. Now, Guido’s quilt carpets every fibre, his children scaling mountains high and rivers deep.

Healing Poem – The Solfeggios – Guido’s Children

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