God poem - Dear God

God Poem – Dear God

Dear God is a God poem, a reflection on life and on how many, many, many people are overwhelmed by the task at hand.

Dear God – A God poem

If we must live, let it not be a life of blood and dirt
of hurt and knives and tasks taller
than we can manage.
Let us not roam the world like a mad pack of wolves,
chewing each other's heels in hope
of honey and love and a moment's meat.
If we must live, let us swallow the sap and know
the love of the seed in the pit of our gut.
Spilling over with joy, we live the life
of the lilies in the field.
In sunlight and hail, we slice the life
of the harmless dove and the smart-ass snake,
north, east, south, west.

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