Global Warming Poem – Doomed Planet

Global Warming Poem – Doomed Planet

Climate change and global warming have been making the headlines. But neither the frightening predictions of scientists nor the efforts of people across the globe appear to suffice to halt or slow global warming. It’s time to make global warming a personal issueThis is my global warming poem Doomed Planet.

Doomed Planet – A Global Warming Poem

Was woken early by winter bird song 
took a look outside to find
it's time to cut the lawn
mere weeks after the winter solstice

take global warming personally???
you must be joking!!!
on goes the heat at full blast
will be driving a thousand miles this week

but the water isn't rising where I am
problem filed
my children's children?
well, they'll have to deal with it

when the proverbial really hits the fan
meanwhile, I'm doing ok
sent money to flood victims on the other side of the world
there's a heatwave in Australia they said on the news

I do hate those prophets of doom and gloom
what do they know anyway???
just trying to frighten us
that's what they're doing

more plastics in the ocean than fish???
that's bad alright
shouldn't have left my trash on the beach the other day
you're right

anyway, I can't do much about global warming
if everyone made tiny changes it could make a difference
is that what you're saying???
so, what's your tiny change for a doomed planet???

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