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      Ghostwriting was started years ago with an aim to assist the people with their writing projects. Today, it has taken over the writing world with all the segmented domains. Book ghostwriting was started since the takeoff. It is one of the most demanded domain. Find a ghostwriter for book, is what authors are constantly in search of. It is because of the long-term project timeline. People get frustrated while writing a book. It is, therefore, a common practice to hire a book ghostwriter. But, the key here that makes a perfect ghostwriter is the consistency. A writer who is experienced and can handle a project for a year or more can easily jump to a book writing project as it is one of the most profitable servicing domain of ghostwriting. What do you think of the consistency element in book ghostwriter?

      Anita Alig

        I admire the perseverance and consistency of ghostwriters and understand the value. As long as the ghostwriter receives adequate compensation and recognition, I have no issue. The only thing is, online ghostwriting gigs are often badly paid with the writer not getting any recognition either. If you consider ghostwriting as a career path make sure you only sign up for assignments with adequate rewards, both financial and promotional.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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