#fightinequality, #BDS, #endpoverty

#fightinequality, #BDS, #endpoverty

Whatever criticism you may have of social media, platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been instrumental campaigning tools for many charities and activist groups. Hashtags have provided a focal point for those fighting for change and seeking justice. #fightinequality, #BDS, #endpoverty are examples of how online campaigns can gather momentum and bring about real and tangible change. 

Not only do these campaigns help to highlight issues and educate the public, but they also help to bring about political change. 

Ditch the Three Wise Monkeys

Joining the fight for peace and justice has become easy. Such is the suffering of millions of people across the world that we can no longer stand-by idly. Doing so makes us complicit.

Turning a blind eye to people’s suffering makes me complicit

#fightinequality, #BDS, #endpoverty, and #metoo

If you’re keen on fighting for change, start by finding like-minded people. Using hashtags this is easy. Let me give you an example. You may for example like to join the anti-homelessness campaign in Ireland. Go on Twitter and do a search on homelessness. Within minutes, you’ll find countless campaigns, relevant hashtags, and numerous activist groups to join. 

Moreover, you’ll find links to informative websites where you’ll be able to get to grips with the homelessness issue in Ireland. 

Create a New Hashtag

If you are unable to find an appropriate hashtag for your campaign, create one. Make it concise and catchy so that everyone can understand it immediately. Share it across all your online channels, post information on the issue and network with like-minded people. It may take a while for your hashtag to generate momentum, but your persistence is well-worth it. Meanwhile, you’ll come across people who want to contribute to your campaign. 

Silence and Inaction Prolong Suffering

On a world-stage or at a local level, failing to speak up and highlight issues only helps to copperfasten the suffering of the most vulnerable people. It is up to each individual to speak up and take whatever action possible to help end the suffering. Even small acts of kindness, speaking up in a confined environment makes a difference. 

So, don’t live like the three wise or perhaps not so wise monkeys. #fightinequality, #BDS, #endpoverty. 

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