Equality Poem – Robin Hood, Where Are You?

Equality Poem – Robin Hood, Where Are You?

Robin Hood, Where Are You? is an equality poem highlighting the global inequality crisis affecting billions of people. The wealth gap continues to grow.

Robin Hood, Where Are You?

Dear Robin

I know you’re dead a few hundred years, some say, you didn’t even exist, are but a fantasy figure made up for pure entertainment, but anyhow, I know better.

I feel compelled to write to you and urge you to come here at once. You see, we need your help right now. Where? I hear you ask. 

Let me put your mind at rest first. No, the Sheriff of Nottingham hasn’t returned to throw his weight around once more. But the trouble is, he’s got many successors who’ve taken on his ways. They live off the poor, are cruel and greedy, just like he was when you took matters into your own hands. Why can’t we do the same? I hear you ask.

Well, we’re not as brave and clever as you. Some have tried, more have failed. And now, most people live off crumbs and a handful of folks live the life of Reilly. If only you could get yourself down here on your best horse and do what you did all those years ago. 


So, please hurry, this is an emergency! I can assure you, you’d be a hero once more.

Yours truly.

Friar Tuck

PS: Feel free to bring Lady Marian for support
PPS: We need you in Australia, Africa, Europe, New Zeeland, Asia. the Americas, and Antartica, so you’ll be busy for a while!

Equality Poem – Robin Hood, Where are You?

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