Dark Poetry – How Many Dead Bodies?

Dark Poetry – How Many Dead Bodies?

How Many Dead Bodies? is my adventure into dark poetry/satire, a reflection on the continuing waste of life across the globe.

How Many Dead Bodies Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb? – Dark Poetry

This is a joke. How many dead bodies does it take to 
change a lightbulb?

a trillion slain guerillas in the mid-end?
a million extinct orangutans in the rain forest?
a billion bony corpses in the desert?
a gazillion cut-down kids on the moon?
a zillion plastic-poisoned piranhas in the sea?
a trillion dismembered family members flung across battlefields?
a nonillion sacrificed soldiers marching on Mars?

Don't know the answer? Wait 'till I'll tell you.

None, 'cause dead bodies can't change lightbulbs.

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