Crime Violence Poem – Inner City News Week

Crime Violence Poem – Inner City News Week

Inner City News Week is a crime violence poem, a reflection on how social deprivation is a direct contributory factor to violence and crime.

Inner City News Week – Crime Violence Poem

The police arrested the 15-year old youth hours after he had raided
and ransacked Logan's grocery store in the city centre. During the
raid, the youth cleared the till and assaulted staff with an iron bar.
They are now in a critical condition at hospital.

According to the head of the local second level school, expulsion numbers
are at an all-time high. Unruly student behaviour, truancy, and
lack of home support are among the main causes. Although the
school has requested funding for additional resource staff, so far,
it has been unable to provide specialised care for troubled students
due to financial restraints.

A teenager was found dead at her family's city centre apartment
this morning. She had been stabbed repeatedly. The police have appealed
to anyone with information in relation to this brutal death to come

The local food bank is seeking donations to enable it to continue to
meet the growing demand for staple food items. Donations can
be dropped off between 9 am and 6 pm seven days a week at the
headquarters in Mill Street.

Shortly after midnight on Saturday night, the police had to
disperse a large gathering of youths after neighbours had
complained of drunken and disorderly behaviour. Eyewitnesses
said that it was unclear whether the teenagers had been drinking
alcohol or consuming drugs.

The Minister for Finance announced cuts to spending on social
projects, including community care, youth development, and
educational support schemes. His statement dashed the hopes
of locals campaigning for the erection of a youth and community centre.

Today in court, a woman lost her appeal to have her children
returned to her. After gaining employment at a warehouse on
the edge of the city, the woman had hoped social services would
allow her children to come home. Her 15-year old son and 11-year
old daughter remain in foster care despite their pleas to the judge.

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