Cow Poem – And Why Wouldn't I?

Cow Poem – And Why Wouldn't I?

And Why Wouldn’t I? is a cow poem, a celebration of nature and a reflection on its beauty and peace, way, way beyond our comprehension.

And Why Wouldn’t I? – Cow Poem

Cows know better than
to rush around headless like us
killing each other and the planet
prancing as if we owned the place
as if our breath was more golden
than the trees’ breeze or the puff of a
starlet. Could we ever paint
restraint or birth mirth beyond
the tip of our tongues?
Last night, I had a calf delivered to
my door in a rusty trailer behind
a ditch-dented jeep. And why wouldn’t I
keep a brown-eyed, baby-fur cow
in the back garden of my
village terraced house to tilt
the keel
and for once have me feel
ok? Water and grass, a few yards for
hoofing around, I can do that and
we will take her cues
on chewing the curd,
her jaw rocking. Once,
I saw a farmer’s daughter
playing the accordion at the gate,
the whole herd came trotting over
jotting hoofs a couple of feet from
the metal, all-ears soft like petals.

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