Contemporary Poetry – No Rage – The Digital Dumbing Down

News items change hour by hour, human disaster stories no longer captivate for more than mere moments. Outrage at human suffering is lacking which made me think of Dylan Tomas’s poem and inspired me to write this piece of contemporary poetry.

No Rage – The Digital Dumbing Down

Bad news, sad news / still no rage
smashed bones cashed bones / still no rage
locked love blocked love / still in the cage
Bloodied shots sullied shots/ no rage on a page.

What is wrong with you people / never in a rage
Click-baited digitally dumbed down / never any rage
a war here, a battle there / love in the cage
page after page after page after page.

We go gentle into the night
don't rage at the dying of the light
don't bear don't care 
don't engage in the rage

locked and blocked in the cage
we disengage from the rage we gauge
drinking page after page
the words of the sage offstage.

Where's the might of the light
where's the rage at its death in the night
we don't bear 
we don't care.

Bring the rage onstage
wage the words of the sage
'Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, rage against the dying of the light'

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