Consumerism Poem – Dear Sales Manager

Consumerism Poem – Dear Sales Manager

Dear Sales Manager is a consumerism poem, a reflection on how producers and salespeople get the masses to purchase large quantities of consumer goods.

Dear Sales Manager

Dear Mr Salesman

This morning, I cracked your code while eating a bowl of cereal and flicking through a magazine packed with adverts. I should have copped on to your tricks ages ago but was too consumed by my insecurities, many of which, incidentally, you created to cover your tracks.

I picture you sitting in a boardroom with your fellow suits hatching a plan to increase sales.

How to get the masses to consume more of our goods? Easy! Make them feel shit about themselves and convince them that our product will sort them out.

How? By plastering picture perfect shiny happy people using our product all over everywhere. Let’s not forget to diss flaws, ridicule failure, and snigger at poverty.

By the end of the week, the idiot masses will feel so bad about themselves that they’ll run out and buy tonnes of our stuff!

And that’s how you operate and make more, and more, and more money / manufacturing and riding our insecurities and fears.

I’m wanted to drop you this note to tell you that I’m out and won’t fall for it anymore. I don’t need your stuff to feel ok about myself. Thanks, but no thanks!

No longer yours truly!

Ms X

Consumerism Poem – Dear Sales Manager

The World Bank Explained

The poem was inspired by the following short John Perkins video, explaining the way the world bank operates.

What are your thoughts on this? Please let me know in the comments below!

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