Consequences Poem – ?

Consequences Poem – ?

? is a consequences poem, a reflection on the distance between action and reaction and on the need to be mindful of the consequences of what we start.

? – Consequences Poem

And when you make it rain, count the number of drops and measure the height of the ceiling. Factor in the soil’s thirst to calculate its absorption capability. Subtract brackets, add angles, and test the durability of the dam. Square the volume of water with its shape and pitch it against the number of holes in the sponge. Determine the root, figure out the variables and analyse the probability of a deluge. And remember, you’re not the only mathematician. Arithmeticians beside you are pulling in the same figures, playing odds, and sketching formulas. Take care when multiplying and dividing. And remember, ? is the common denominator.

? – a consequences poem

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