Communication Poem – The Tower of Babel

Communication Poem – The Tower of Babel

This is a communication poem, a reflection on the Tower of Babel, communication, ambition, and divinity.

The Tower of Babel – Communication Poem

Bullish builders fire-bake bricks and conjure up a tower to 
bypasses clouds and stars, to run off algebra / stoking God
who angles words, cubes letters, divides plans, multiplies
fractions and sets antilogarithms.

The tower stands tall but the builders, offspring, ken, and
cronies now palaver Gypsy, Abnaki, English, Chinese, Hottentot,
Gibberish, Kickapoo, Mishognovi, dialect, Akkadian, Blackfoot,
Romance, Vote, Cherokee, Dutch, Algonquin, Fox, Gothic, Bushman,
Geez, Ewe, Lampong, Kuki-Chin, Plattendeutsch, Latin et al,

spouting misspelt verbiage, clumsy vernacular, minor intonations,
flat tones, major hues, and left-footed motifs on cut lines

and plain pages, rhythmically punctuated by melodic birdsong,
weightless limericks, pointed silence / the backdrop,

the fire's crackling.

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