Collective Responsibility

Collective Responsibility

When your big toe is hurting, your whole body doesn’t feel right. Your brain soon gets the message, your eyes eager to take a look. Reasoning together, your brain, heart, and the entire aching body resolves, to help out the big toe.

Your entire being may even make time to go and see the doctor. All of who you are is intent on ensuring that your big toe gets the help and attention it needs. Other items on your list have to wait because getting your big toe better has become your top priority. This is because you know that if you don’t, you’ll end up with an infection which may force you to stay home from work. In that sense, your big toe’s welfare becomes the focus, even though all other parts of you are working fine.

If you now translate the story of your sore big toe to humanity as a whole, you’d have to embrace the same concept of collective responsibility. If the body of humanity is hurting in places, it’s the responsibility of the working parts to join and focus their efforts on improving the plight of the suffering parts.

Thus those living in peace and prosperity need to share the collective responsibility of healing those living in dire poverty or war. This means making the time to promote peace and fight inequality. Failure to do so hurts us all.


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