Imperialism Poem – New Rules

Imperialism Poem - New Rules

New Rules is an imperialism poem, a reflection on outside interference in the political landscape of resource-rich nations. New Rules God help you if your land is fertile your tribe spills liquid gold your leaders are wild or bend in the wind. Kings, queens, and merchants will grease palms hatch Machiavellian plans to grab the…

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Refugee Facts – The Worst Places to Live

Refugee Facts

A considerable amount of human suffering remains underreported. Neither the body politics nor the mainstream media deem some crises worth highlighting. The Norwegian Refugee Council has put together a short video or refugee facts to stand up for the voiceless. Although the suffering is unspeakable, people like you and me find themselves in some of…

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Poverty Poem – Landfill Lives

Poverty Poem - Landfill Lives

Approximately 15 million people across the globe live off trash. Landfill Lives is a poverty poem, an attempt to highlight this horror. Landfill Lives scavenging for scraps no spellings or subtractions again todaywhen you’re poor but don’t want to sell your body or beglandfill treasure hunting callsto feed mother, father, sisters, brothersshacked up in a metal…

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Capitalism Poetry – The Big Race

Capitalism Poetry - The Big Race

The Big Race is my contribution to capitalism poetry, a reflection on the value and ethics of free market rules. The Big Race Race day brings swarms of 7.7 billion runners, limpers, jumpers, hoppers, one-leggeds, joggers, sprinters, crawlers, wheel-chair-bounds, and dead-weights. Mixed weather at the starting line, with sweltering heat, biting frost, piercing hail, leaden…

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Empathy Poem – Juxtaposed

Empathy Poem Juxtaposed

Juxtaposed is an empathy poem, reflecting on human fragility, vulnerability, and the lottery of where and when you’re born. Juxtaposed into an ocean of terrorising sirens and deafening alarm bells, unproclaimed fireworks, not-warned-about bombs, not just scares. In lieu of architectural bonanza, rubble, dust, and a distinct stench of sewage, a shitty stink of unpotable…

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Solidarity Poem – Pooling Resources

Solidarity Poem - Pooling Resources

Pooling resources is a solidarity poem, a reflection on eight billion individuals inhabiting or co-inhabiting the same planet – together. Pooling Resources con’verse co’habit co’llaborate co’suffer co’produce co’work co’grieve con’join co’mmunicate co’here con’figure co’incide co’inhabit co’invogorate com’bine com’prehend con’valesce co’harvest con’celebrate co’nnect co’share co’care inter’act inter’twine empathize

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Society Poems – The Circus

Society Poem The Circus

The Circus is one of my society poems, a celebration of showmanship, courage and hard graft in and outside the ring. There’s room for everyone! The Circus The firmament fans the stench of rubberpegged down into earth covered in sweat-stained sandlit up by elegant elephants, teary tigers and ruled by a man bigger than Walter MittyThis is…

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Why Is Socialism Bad?

why is socialism bad

As the World Economic Forum in Davos draws to a close, and illustrious political and business power brokers leave the snowy town, one wonders where this leaves the rest of us. Although some NGOs also made representations, only a handful of small anti-globalisation protests took place. Have people suddenly got the answer to the question…

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Women Yellow Vests – #femmes #giletsjaunes

women yellow vests

In the wake of sometimes violent protests and clashes with police during the yellow vest demonstrations in Paris and beyond, French women have created a separate movement. The women yellow vests or #femmes #giletsjaunes are pursuing the same issues but distancing themselves from the use of violence that has cast shadows over the #giletsjaunes movement.…

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