Nabka Day 2019 / #nabka71

Nabka Day

Today is Nabka day, the 71st anniversary of what the Palestinians call “catastrophe day.” You can see more by checking out Twitter #nabka71 Here’s just a glimpse into the plight of the Palestinian people. #BDS – Join the Boycott on Nabka Day 2019 The global #BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) has been gathering momentum. More and…

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Mental Health Poem – Black Hole Razzmatazz

Mental Health Poem - Black Hole Razzmatazz

Black Hole Razzmatazz is a mental health poem, thoughts on the turmoil of mental health problems and an acknowledgement of the suffering and bravery. Black Hole Razzmatazz – Mental Health Poem The whole black hole. Years of study, research, expense, effort, and taxing intelligence culminated in scientists capturing the black hole on film when they…

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Brexit Poetry – Out to Lunch

Brexit Poetry - Out to Lunch

And now for a bit of Brexit poetry seeing as there’s no end in sight and the world looks on as British politicians try to sort out the Brexit mess. Out to Lunch Bunch of grand chaps pledged to Return Britannia to whilom glory and Endow her people with bling and swagger. They sought to…

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Poem About the News – Didn’t Make the News Again Today

poem about the news - Didn't Make the News Again Today

This is a poem about the news discussing the choice of stories and headlines, alongside thoughts on what constitutes news and what doesn’t as well as the click bait nature and unfathomable news item selection. Didn’t Make the News Again Today Home flattened,kids slaughtered…didn’t make the news again today.Slaved for years,bills left unpaid….didn’t make the…

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Art for Social Change – Palestinian Art

Art for Social Change - Palestinian Art

A Palestinian artist has been creating art for social change. Using wax, she sculpted wax ice cream figures of the children killed during the 2014 aggression. Latest UN Report on Israel and Palestine Last week, the UN published the results of its inquiry into Israel’s rule of engagement during the Great March of Return. According…

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Poem About Nature – The Polar Bears

Poem About Nature The Polar Bears

The Polar Bears is a poem about nature, a reflection on the recent news story covering polar bears entering a town in Russia. The Polar Bears The people of Belushya Guba on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago didn’t know what to make of thepolar bears fleeing the disappearing ice.They came knocking, strolled through the wintery town…

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Torture at Lybian Detention Centres

torture at Lybian detention centres

The following Channel 4 News footage shows torture at Lybian detention centres run with the financial support of the European Union. EU Response to Migrant Crisis The EU has struggled to formulate a comprehensive and fair response to the migrant crisis. Migrant, refugee and asylum seeker distribution varies significantly from state to state. Countries like…

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Malnutrition in Yemen – Update

malnutrition in Yemen

Malnutrition in Yemen is threatening the lives of millions of war-displaced people. According to Aljazeera, 14 million Yemeni are at risk of starvation, with no end to the crisis in sight. Malnutrition in Yemen – Aljazeera Reports UN Response to Humanitarian Disaster In Yemen The UN has published its review of the 2018 Humanitarian Response…

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