Butterfly Poem – Love Is a Butterfly

Butterfly Poem – Love Is a Butterfly

Love Is a Butterfly is a celebration of the gentle nature of love, a butterfly poem and a reflection on beauty, fragility, and coherence.

Love Is a Butterfly – Butterfly Poem

Love is a butterfly nestling on your toe, 
and you see how the veins within its wings
branch perfume into the sky across
the earth's breasts and bones.

Never once does it falter in its fluttering,
never once does it bend a straw or pinch an eyelash.

And sometimes,
quite out of the blue,

the butterfly roars like a lion or
undoes equations
in a whisp of a whistle

all the while

like a meadow of a million flowers and a trillion cherry blossoms.

Now and then,

the butterfly whispers
songs of honey and clear springs

until the glistening pearls in its wake

make a trail for the frail,
its legs settling,
its spiracles blending blades and shades

for a miracle.

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