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Bernie Sanders TV – Why the Youtube channel?

Frustrated at the lack of media coverage real social issues receive from the mainstream media, Senator Bernie Sanders now broadcasts on Bernie Sanders TV. With just over 100’000 subscribers the senator is a long way from reaching the lofty subscription numbers of the most famous YouTubers. However, his criticism of the media is somewhat justified. To someone who’s struggling to make ends meet or pay for medical expenses, lengthy discussions on Stormy Daniels must appear ridiculous.

During a recent Bernie Sanders TV debate, this and the way corporate media do news came up for discussion. Michael Moore joined Sanders along with Senator Elizabeth Warren and Darrick Hamilton for a debate entitled ‘Inequality America: A National Town Hall. The mainstream media was in for a serious bashing for its failure to highlight the everyday social issues facing the less well-off in the US.

Is the corporate media failing to raise the most important issues?

Sanders has long been a critic of corporate media, accusing them of ‘soap opera’ news reporting. To Sanders, the media’s failure to highlight that millions of people live in poverty in the US beggars belief. Blaming vested interest, Sanders considers the corporate media part of the establishment, hell-bent on serving the affluent in society.

This is not the first time, Sanders has drawn attention to conflict of interest in mainstream media. Over twenty years ago, he addressed the same issue in the House.

Sanders has also repeatedly highlighted the power of the media when it comes to shaping the electorate’s opinions. TV news companies and newspapers choose the headlines, and Sanders believes that they have a tendency to drive an agenda which serves their own goals rather than those of the American people.

When it comes to the treatment Sanders has received from mainstream media corporations, well, Sander’s supporters take a dim view. Many of them believe he didn’t receive a fair amount of coverage when pitched against Hillary Clinton during the Democrat’s 2016 candidate selection process.

What’s on Bernie Sanders TV?

Since the inception of Bernie Sander’s YouTube channel, the Vermont senator has uploaded over 1000 videos, highlighting social issues and informing viewers of important developments in US courts and political circles. In addition, Sanders posts videos outlining his views on America’s role on an international stage. Here’s an example of one of his videos.

The reaction to Bernie Sanders TV has been positive, with popular channels like The Young Turks applauding the senator’s work.

Inequality America: A National Town Hall

Over 1.7 million tuned in to watch the live stream broadcast last month. After publishing an open letter in the Guardian newspaper in January 2018, the senator sought to gather experts to discuss inequality in America, a topic which rarely, if ever, makes the headlines. The panel discussed stark poverty gap statistics, the role of corporate media, and corporate political donations. During the debate, videos of individuals living in poverty and speaking about their everyday lives were broadcast. Citing as unlimited political donations at one of the main ills, Sanders – who only relied on donations from individuals when running against Clinton – called for the immediate introduction of laws prohibiting or limiting corporate donations. This is because he believes that candidates who are supported by corporations are likely to serve their interests rather than those of ordinary citizens.

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  1. The main stream media did not need to cover the Sanders candidacy much, as the outcome of the democratic election was already predetermined. Hillary was to become the presidential candidate from the very start and the DNC was with this. Having said this, I fully agree that it is a very good thing to have sufficient TV time for the social matters you advocate on your website and I applaud Bernie Sanders for starting this positive action.

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