Malnutrition in Yemen – Update

Malnutrition in Yemen is threatening the lives of millions of war-displaced people. According to Aljazeera, 14 million Yemeni are at risk of starvation, with no end to the crisis in sight.

Malnutrition in Yemen – Aljazeera Reports

Malnutrition in Yemen

UN Response to Humanitarian Disaster In Yemen

The UN has published its review of the 2018 Humanitarian Response Plan. According to the report, over 22 million people were in need of humanitarian aid in January 2018, over half of them in dire need.

To date, the UN response staff are reaching just short of 8 million people each month, delivering food and medical supplies. The collapse of everyday life along with health, business, and educational structures have made the delivery of aid more difficult.

Hodeidah Withdrawal Plan Agreed

Hodeidah is a strategic port for the delivery of aid. According to a UN spokesperson, agreement on “Phase 1 of the mutual redeployment of forces,” was reached on Sunday without the disclosure of details.

However, observers believe that the Houthi rebels have not yet signed the official documents and may withdraw from this agreement. The rebel-controlled city is vital when it comes to the distribution of aid to millions of suffering civilians.

12-Year Old Girl Weighs 10kg – Donate Now

The girl seen on the Aljazeera video is 12 years old and weighs 10kg. If you would like to make a donation, please check out this list of aid agencies, working on the ground in Yemen. If your agency is missing from the list, please get in touch, and I will publish your details.

Confidence Poem – Unequal Opportunities

Unequal Opportunities is a confidence poem, a reflection on how a bad start in life doesn’t have to mean certain doom.

By some terrible misfortune, the duckling finds itself gasping for air among a flock of swans, his wingspan curtailed, his yellow plumes an ugly sight when pitched against shiny silver down. The jeering, pushing, mobbing, and stamping, bind to annihilate, casting the duckling into a hole bleak and black.

Mother is too fond of the bottle, Father unknown.

By some freak of fortune, the duckling is learning how to be a swan, not performing very well, truth be told, he’s failing daily. His beak’s unshapely, his feet don’t match when lined up beside swanky swan paddles. The swan rules, tasks, duties, and rewards concoct to bowl over, wrestling away the duckling’s last ounce of courage.

You’ll never amount to anything, his teacher echoes all other grownups.

By some awful misadventure, the duckling finds itself turning brown-green and odd, not snow-white and elegant as planned. There’s no hiding his true nature now. Cygnets turned swans, graceful and majestic, make waves he cannot navigate. The duckling turned duck ducks.

You can fly, you know, a tiny fish surviving among big fish, tells him below the water’s surface.

By some awesome turn of luck, the duckling is flapping his wings, trying to surf mild summer winds in vain at first, but panic turns to skill and mastery, the air is pleased, lifts, raises up and aloft the flock of swans. From above, the long necks don’t scare. The duckling discovers he’s bigger than this bird and smaller than that.

Fly high and dive deep, duck, goose or swan, she told her flock.

Confidence Poem – Unequal Opportunities

Family Poem – Beans Spilt Over Tea

Beans Spilt Over Tea is a family poem, reflecting on the invaluable support you can get from a friend or family member.

Beans Spilt Over Tea

My aunt, dotty as she was, would sit me down on her crochet blanket covered couch, make a clean sweep of my lame pretexts from the kitchen where she was already brewing up fine tea. Childless, she treaded life in slippers not up to kick, her beady eye hell-bent on bringing to light unspilt beans and lining them up neatly over a cup of flavoursome leaf tea. On her couch, your guts would soon lay bare ready for soaking up and fixing up despite layers upon layers of clobber. Her quirksome footwear was matched by the transparent hands she’d send to craft fair strings of beans into choice jewellery for the road. Protestations and walls would tumble, my beans spill within moments, on my tongue, the taste of clear tea making its way to fixing my guts. She’d purchased colourful mohair wool to crochet the throws on the couch for idling, didn’t mind in the least if tea and beans stuck to the soft fibres. She still doesn’t.

Family Poem – Beans Spilt Over Tea

Distraction Poem – Love Lives

This is a distraction poem. Using the longest word in the English language, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis , I wrote this acrostic poem. Please, share yours in the comment box below.

Love Lives

cascading /

Resilience Poem – Paper Plane

Paper Plane is a resilience poem, a description of how children can and do rise above tragedy, full of bravery, strength, and love.

Paper Plane

When Father died and Mother lay sick in bed, the child stepped up and made a paper plane, ready for take-off in minutes. But the howls of his little sister and his brother’s dirty diaper messed up the flight schedule.

Not to worry, he thought to himself, I’ll sort them out and bring them on board. Nappy changed and tears wiped, he cleared them through security, though soon halted by the guard’s x-ray glances. Too much hand luggage, he said, no knives permitted.

But Father died and Mother’s sick in bed, the child protested, handing over the banned items with a thick smile to keep his siblings reassured. At long last, they were ready for departure.

The paper plane’s jet engine drowned out Mother’s asthma attack during take-off. Up, up and away they flew beyond birds and clouds, weightless through thinning air, beams of light, and passing time.

When Mother’s pocket alarm shot down the paper plane, the child stepped up and phoned emergency services. You’re lucky, mom doesn’t need to go to the hospital, they said, prescribing potent medicine she’d have to swallow for years to come.

No one batted an eyelid when the child grew up to become a pilot, sure didn’t he bring his siblings on flights every day for years, they nodded to each other. Thank the Japanese for Origami, the child would always say.

Resilience Poem – Paper Plane

Imperialism Poem – New Rules

New Rules is an imperialism poem, a reflection on outside interference in the political landscape of resource-rich nations.

New Rules

God help you  
if your land is fertile
your tribe spills liquid gold
your leaders are wild or bend in the wind.

Kings, queens, and merchants will grease palms
hatch Machiavellian plans to grab the riches
roots allotted to you and
cut the green grass on your side of the fence.

The donkey's kick to counter imported blueprints
is hoofed by its chiselling clone
a qualmless ass
with a book of new rules.

All is fair in love and war /
kill, jail, injure, lie, oppress, steal, maim,
bomb, manipulate, grab, eradicate, eliminate
silence, gag, dispossess, burn out / you and yours.

They'll fish your pond in silk suits from glass towers
spinning spurious yarns, casting smooth lines
crowing to save you in case you're ass-backwards
black is white and white is black.

God help you
if your land is ransacked
your tribe spills blood
your leaders are dead or bend in the wind.

Palestinian Children – #Gaza #trauma #BDS

Let’s not forget the Palestinian children, #BDS.

Palestinian Children

If you're a Palestinian child, life is bleak

you're definitely going to be traumatised
your environment is hostile
you're scared
you may get arrested
you have to drink dirty water
you may get shot
you may get killed


because you are one of thousands of Palestinian children
and live in #Gaza
Palestinian Children trying to overcom the trauma
the unthinkable suffering of Palestinian children

Refugee Facts – The Worst Places to Live

A considerable amount of human suffering remains underreported. Neither the body politics nor the mainstream media deem some crises worth highlighting. The Norwegian Refugee Council has put together a short video or refugee facts to stand up for the voiceless.

Although the suffering is unspeakable, people like you and me find themselves in some of the worst places to live with few to care about them.

Refugee Facts – The Norwegian Refugee Council Sponsors a Post to Speak Up for the Voiceless

Neglected displacement crises

Millions of people are fleeing from crises whose voices are not being heard. They rarely hear from us, either. Why is this? Take a step to change this by watching and sharing the world’s most neglected displacement crises:

Geplaatst door NRC – Norwegian Refugee Council op Donderdag 7 juni 2018
Underreported Suffering

Clearly, it is our responsibility as human beings to reach out to people in dire need including refugees, migrants or anyone else unable to live a life underpinned by safety and dignity.

Charitable organisations are always looking for volunteers on a local or international level. Check with local charities where you are to find out how to contribute or volunteer.

Lobby Politicians and Media Outlets, Share Issues on Social Media

You can make a difference in many different ways. Lobby your local politicians to take action on behalf of people in need. Contact media outlets and submit a story or share videos like this one across your social media platforms.

Without the words and actions of others, the voiceless have little hope of ever finding comfort, dignity, and safety.

Peace Poem – Common Ground

Common Ground is a peace poem, a reflection on conflict resolution and the absolute need to build on our shared humanity – first and foremost.

Common Ground

 digging up common ground and
magnifying similarities
break ground for 


fencing in and
highlighting differences
choke out