The Tiny Light

When all is quiet and all is still when you don’t talk and you don’t work a tiny light comes dropping soft, the tiny drop comes lodging lodging within the softest loft of your body slowly growing, growing out and growing in a rose, a tree, a bird, a diamond, a droplet of pure gold,…

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Dusk Poem – And the Humming Ebbs

dusk poem

And the Humming Ebbs is a dusk poem, a painting of a city’s evening and people passing through places and days. And the humming ebbs – dusk poem Dusk, and the humming ebbs People homing, Sparrows heading Offshore. At the bar, after-work pints In the beer garden. On the veranda, He rocks her chair, she…

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Summer Poem – The Lake

Summer poem - The Lake

The Lake is a summer poem, a celebration of warm summer days spent together outside. The Lake – Summer Poem All year the dripping sky plunged into the dip In the landscape; light and crystalline  Rain had partied there, sketched in by wintering winds. All year it swelled inside the deep cavity. Drops clattered like…

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Poem About Society – Humming along with the air-con

poem about society

Humming along with the air-con is a poem about society and a reflection on how we define people by their problems instead of their beauty. Humming along with the air-con – a poem about society Do you sometimes wake up in the middle of the day and think that you’re nothing but a cause a…

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